The Artist




Born in Cortona, Italy

He grew up in his grandfather’s sculpture Studio.

He attended the High School “Luca Signorelli” in Cortona, the  “Processi Percettivi” Fine Arts School in Arezzo and  the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.


First place at the 2016 “ORA” Art Prize.

First place at the 2017 “ArtApp Artist Contest“.

Artist in residence :


Montececeri Park, Fiesole – Italy

Trasimeno Lake, Perugia – Italy


Ecomuseo  Casentino, Arezzo – Italy

Varese Lake, Varese – Italy

Hofn,  Akureyri – Iceland


Talkeetna, McCarthy – Alaska ( USA)



about Naturografie

The “Naturographie”, created by Roberto Ghezzi , are a new form of art between photography and painting. The artist has installed for years  supports of various materials (linen, cotton, organza, etc.) in wild places of some nations (Alaska, Iceland, Italy) for periods of time varying from a few days to several months.
In this form of art, nature and man collaborate together for creation.




2018. NATUROGRAFIE, curated by Andrea Baffoni – Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia per l’Arte , Palazzo Graziani


2017. PHYSIS – i codici dell’invisibile, curated by Ilaria Margutti –  Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea di Arezzo

PHYSIS II, curated by Roberta Santi – Palazzo Saporiti, Milano


2016. Volti e Silenzi della Natura, curated by Lorena Gava e Giovanni Faccenda – Casa dei Carraresi , Treviso

Naturalis Historia, curated by Maria Nicole Iulietto – Fortezza Medicea di Montepulciano

Naturometrie, curated by Giovanni Pichi Graziani – Museo Michelangiolesco di Caprese Michelangelo, Arezzo


2015. Teorema, curated by  Tiziana Tommei e Giovanni Faccenda- Palazzo Medici Riccardi – Firenze


2014. Memorie di Nature, Miti e Geometrie, curated by Lorena Gava e Giovanni Faccenda –  Chiostro del Bramante, Roma

Forma, curated by Tiziana Tommei- Galleria 33, Arezzo

SubLimen, curated by Giovanni Faccenda- Museo Luciana Matalon, Milano


2013. Invito al viaggio, curated by Daniela Meli e Tiziana Tommei, Galleria RiElaborando, Arezzo


2012. Quello che resta, curated by Simone Allegria- Palazzo Ferretti, Cortona


2011. Dissolvenze dell’anima, curated by Nicola Caldarone – Palazzo Ferretti, Cortona


1999. Luci della città, curated by Nicola Caldarone – Palazzo Ferretti, Cortona


1996. Landscapes, curated by Nicola Caldarone – Palazzo Ferretti, Cortona


1994. Paesaggi cortonesi II, curated by Nicola Caldarone – Galleria Luca Signorelli, Cortona


1992. Paesaggi cortonesi I, curated by Nella Nardini Corazza, Galleria Luca Signorelli, Cortona



2017. Vanitas Mundi, curated by Philippe Daverio, Palazzo Visconti, Milano

Beyond the Map, curated by Soriana Stagnitta, Torino


2016. Fiero Condottiero, curated by Francesca Duranti e Andrea Baffoni, Corciano

La Grande Bellezza, curated by Silvia Rossi – Castello di Obernberg, Austria

Cortona a Udine, Palazzo d’Aronco, Udine


2015. Meeting in Shanghai, curated by  Peishuo Yang – Biblioteca di Pu-Dong, Shanghai

Nel segno della bellezza,  curated by G. Sezana – Galleria Spazioporpora, Milano

Galleria 33 a Pietrasanta curated by Tiziana Tommei e Francesco Mutti – Pietrasanta (Lu)

Terra d’Arezzo“, curated by Silvia Rossi  – Galleria Expart , Bibbiena


2014. Ars Humana, curated by  Giovanni Pichi Graziani – Sansepolcro


2013. Romantico contemporaneo curated by Igino Materazzi -Circolo artistico, Arezzo

Chimera Arte, Circolo artistico -Arezzo


2012. Artexpo, Palazzo delle Fiere e Congressi – Arezzo

Processi percettivi – Giardini della provincia, Arezzo

Men at work, curated  by  Matilde Puleo – Piazza S. Agostino, Arezzo

Affordable Art Fair – Battersea Park, Londra


2011. Giorgio Vasari –  La Vita….Le Vite – Chiesa di S. Caterina, Arezzo


2010. Caravaggio- Ombre e luci – Chiesa di S. Caterina, Arezzo


1999. Lions e artisti – Palazzo Casali, Cortona


Roberto Ghezzi said:

For 30 years I represented just what I saw and felt around me. At first the Tuscan landscapes, then my peninsula and finally our world, in its most remote part, the north, far from mankind. Just water air and a thin line of the horizon, searching for something invisible I could feel was there behind shapes, deep within.

One day, following one of my thoughtful moments, I left my studio with a white cotton canvas, of the same making as the ones I had been using to paint reality, and I reached a stream that flows through an oak and chestnut wood not far from my house.

That was where I handed a canvas over to nature for the first time, with an act of liberation, anchoring it to the river bed in such a way that, as in my paintings, on its surface too, air and water would meet.

From that moment till the 2nd of February this year I’ve placed within nature 47 cotton canvases and 12 iron sheets, all square shaped but of different dimensions, varying from a couple of centimeters to over two meters in length, adapting them according to the appointed spot.

I monitored each canvas daily, filming and photographing their evolution; then, after a certain amount of time that could vary from just a few days to almost a year, when I thought the moment was right, I collected them from where they were placed. I then subjected them to a resin process that preserved their exact state.

All this time I have never wanted to interfere with the surface of the canvases or iron, leaving the elements undisturbed to act within the frame and reality to leave its trace.

However, through careful study, it was always me who decided the materials of the supports used, their placement and the amount of time they would stay in the environment, so that my choices would rationally be affecting the result as much as the free flowing of the elements was affecting the surfaces.

I believe that behind things, beyond chaos, there exists an inner beauty much wider and deeper than what we can understand.

Cortona 27/02/2017

Roberto Ghezzi