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The Marcolini Gallery presents Flumina, a project by Roberto Ghezzi that in his painting investigates a new possible (non) representation of nature. What Ghezzi establishes with reality is a mimetic relationship presenting the sign that nature imprints on previously prepared supports and on which then Ghezzi intervenes, modifying its appearance and final perception. His works are witnesses of an intimate union between man and nature, unique objects defined by the artist as a “natural mimesis”, the repetition of a sign that is itself nature. His “Naturografie” are cultures of cyanobacteria, algae, protists, aquatic lichens, rhizoids on which he intervenes by modifying the course of proliferation. “The sign that these organisms trace on the support is a curious and unexpected form of natural beauty that corresponds to the beauty of spontaneous forms of nature, such as spiderweb, corolla, foliage, and it is not representation, human sign”.

Inauguration on Saturday 27 October at 18.00

Galleria Marcolini, Forlì, via Francesco Marcolini 25 / A Info:

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Roberto Ghezzi’s “naturografie” are works that arise from the effective collaboration between Man and “Ambiente” in which the artist prepares the supports that will be installed in the landscape, chooses the places where to place them and decides the exposure times. Everything else is done by Nature which, left to act undisturbed for days, months or years on the surfaces of naturography, acts like a painter on a white canvas. We then witness the creation of a “living” work of art that does not represent the landscape, but it is the landscape, for that time and on that support chosen by the artist for this purpose. For VIE PERIPHERICHE the artist will perform a tracing of the chemical and dynamic life of the river Savio.

Network project with Galleria Marcolini_Forlì

Sunday October 21st 10:30 am


Fiume Savio_Cesena

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TUNIS : Roberto Ghezzi artist in residence

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49 artists of international standing and 30 independent art spaces will be the protagonists of the first edition of ‘Open Art Week’, an event dedicated to contemporary art that will be divided between Perugia and Tunis with two weeks of exhibitions, films, dance shows and theater, photography, concerts, meetings with artists, workshops. The event that will be held from 29 September to 7 October in Perugia and from 13 to 21 October in Tunis.

Roberto Ghezzi realized his installation in the ancient Punic port of Carthage, in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Tunis, already in the first days of September, and will return to be raised during the week from 14 to 20 October when he will be a guest of the Selma Feriani Gallery.

ROBERTO GHEZZI – Naturografie (Talk)



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SOUTHAFRICA : Roberto Ghezzi artist in residence

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June 2018: Roberto Ghezzi is  artist in residence in South Africa .
He installed canvas and organza supports at two locations on the continent: Blyde River Canyon and Mossel Bay.

These two locations were chosen because the artist wants to deal with the red earth of the continent and with the ocean, two different and very fascinating environments.

The naturographs have been entrusted to two local artists who will follow their development throughout the month of July and August.

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Naturografie in Casentino – Raggiolo

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Sunday, May 27 at 16.00 at Raggiolo a day between art and science.

Roberto Ghezzi donated to the Ecomuseo del Casentino four naturographies realized during his artistic residency that have been installed at the Molino di Raggiolo.

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Between 2017 and 2018 Roberto Ghezzi was artist in residence at the Lake of Varese in a project curated by the Montessori School of Calcinate.
During the residency, which lasted about six months, the artist installed some canvases in the lake, entrusting their care to the students of the Montessori School and involving them in the first person in his artistic research.
At the end of the school year the naturographies realized in this way were exhibited inside the Chiostro di Voltorre near Varese.