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The project
Creating Naturographies in such a vast, diversified area, so rich in history and suggestions, was an unforgettable opportunity for me to grow, both human and professional.
My research has been enriched with extraordinary experiences and I have been able to dialogue with different environments, from the brackish lagoon
to the mountain stream, from the man-made port to the river park.
But it was certainly the human aspect, the possibility of sharing this adventure with people who love their land in a thousand ways and for a thousand different reasons, that left the deepest and most indelible trace on me, just as Nature left his on the canvases. Biologists, councilors, curators, artists or simple enthusiasts, still able to be amazed, who together with the strength of the elements have sculpted these lands, whose beauty you cannot draw.
At the most, you can borrow it.
Roberto Ghezzi

Ghezzi operates in places chosen for their aesthetic, physical, chemical and biological (flora and fauna) characteristics: rivers, streams, lakes or seas. Places where he decides to anchor the supports built with strictly natural materials and which at the time of installation are specifically geo-localized for constant identification.
The “deposited” canvases are left inside the environment for a period ranging from a few weeks to a few months and the 4-handed work between nature and the artist will return a different stratification of materials and signs for each canvas. Water-air-insects-leaves-earth-sand-algae-molds-footprints set in motion this creative process that the artist documents, day after day, with images and videos.
It is Roberto Ghezzi himself who decides when to stop this natural process by taking the canvases and fixing his Naturographs with substances such as resins and antioxidants, glass and plexiglass to preserve the work created by nature in the flow of time.

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The exhibition

 “Naturografie, a dialogue between art, nature and man” by Roberto Ghezzi, Saturday 15 August 2020 at 7.00 pm at Sala Veruda- Palazzo Costanzi  (Piazza Piccola 2, Trieste-Italy).

The event, promoted by Cizerouno and EContemporary art gallery, is organized with the co-organization of the Municipality of Trieste, with the support of Fondazione Casali and AcegasApsAmga.

The exhibition is part of the cultural program of Esof2020 (Trieste has been nominated European City of Science 2020) and it is the result of an artistic and scientific project that started last year in July (here the website:

The artist, together with the curators Elena Cantori, Monica Mazzolini and Massimiliano Schiozzi, has identified, considering their aesthetic, physical, chemical and biological characteristics (flora and fauna), numerous places in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Croatia where to create the installations for his “Naturografie”.

To realize his artworks, Roberto Ghezzi works by choosing the places for the installation and the materials of the support, leaving the canvases outdoors in a mirror of water of the lagoon and of the sea or in a river and then he allows time and Nature itself to complete the artwork.
Light, minerals, waters and various organisms that live in those waters work on those canvases to create vivid and ever-changing landscapes.

Once recovered, the canvases are stabilized and framed to be exhibited.

Naturografie are born from the hand of natural elements and the mind of man: works that no longer represent the landscape, but are the landscape.

The installations were carried out thanks to the collaboration of:

  • Municipality of Trieste: Rio Farneto in the Cacciatore park
  • Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle: Nature Reserve Val Rosandra
  • Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale and Euronautica 2000 srl:anthropomorphic zone of the navigable chanel in the industrial area of Trieste
  • Municipality of Staranzano: Nature Reserve Isola della Cona
  • Municipality of Marano Lagunare: Nature Reserve Canal Novo
  • Municipality of Aquileia: Anfora chanel
  • Nature Reserve Val Stagnon, Koper, Slovenia
  • Municipality of Novigrad, Croatia, Nature Reserve Quieto river

A  great thanks for the partnership to: Kallipolis and Spazio Legno Trieste.

Naturografie, a dialogue between art, nature and man
August 15, 2020 – September 8, 2020
opening hours: everyday 10.00-13.00 / 17.00-20.00
Veruda Hall at Palazzo Costanzi  (Piazza Piccola 2, Trieste  Italy)