Naturografie on the Monte Serra ( Pisa)

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Naturografie on the Monte Serra ( Pisa)



Starting from 9 March 2019, Roberto Ghezzi will build an installation composed of some of his naturographs arranged in the form of a golden spiral near Montemagno, in one of the areas affected by the fire of September 2018.

Ghezzi’s research has always aimed to investigate the aesthetics of the natural datum and to dialogue with the surrounding environment; the meaning of naturography is precisely that of creating through nature.
In the case of this species, Ghezzi entrusts the soil and the forest ravaged by fire with white canvases prepared with organic compounds in order to trigger a dialogue aimed at capturing, in a single work, the traces of the drama of fire and those of rebirth. Memory of the place, therefore, a warning and a wish for the future in the sign of respect and knowledge.

Many of the installations made by Ghezzi, like that of Monte Serra, follow the shape of the golden spiral. The golden ratio is in fact the link between nature and mathematics, the meeting point between the supreme harmony of the cosmos and the model that represents it.
But there is also another reason that characterizes the artist’s choice: the Fibonacci spiral is also a golden spiral: therefore harmony between man and nature and homage to the great genius of the Pisan mathematician born in these beautiful lands.

The installations will remain on site for as long as necessary for their creation, so that interested parties can visit them or come across them casually along the path that crosses the land devastated by the fire.
At the time of their collection, the naturographs will be donated by the artist to the Comune of Calci, as a reminder of what has been and hope for what will be.

On May 11, 2019 – when the installations will still be on site – Ghezzi will inaugurate a personal exhibition at the cetacean hall of the Calci Natural History Museum, so that interested parties will be able to see the artist’s research in every its phase.